Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wonder Book Box by Heidi

Hello..... Heidi back today with a new product over at Gina's Designs!  This is a book box (set of 3) made out of the Off the Page material which is a board.  The box opens and the spine of the book itself moves and is accordian style, you will see this later in another photos of the inside of the box.    I started out by covering my box with a canvas that I had washed and frayed and then inked up to give it a little "used" look.  And then I just started adding layers of chipboard, flowers, glitter.  
 I really wanted to incorporate a bunch of the new items that I got from Gina's and I think it all came together.  These little fairies are so darned cute and come in 3 sizes!   These are the smaller set.  Mixed with some swirls and ferns..... so mythical.  
 I wanted to show you the sides of the book box as well- I covered mine with paper and then added some swirls and flowers to complete the book/look.   And the final picture is the book box open- see how the spine rolls?  Is this fablous or what.  This book took me no more than 5 minutes to assemble!  It comes in 4 pieces: the book front/back/spine is one piece and then each of the ends and the front- glue it together and you are good to go!  Gina - this is an awesome piece!

Gina's Designs Products: 
Book Box (coming soon!)


  1. I love everything about this, the mythical feel, the glitter, the distressed canvas. It's gorgeous!


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