Friday, May 2, 2014

Art Storage Cabinet by Kim

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today I have something special to share with you and also a tutorial of how to create this amazing piece from Gina's Designs
This is the Art Storage Cabinet, it is a fantastic piece, and holds so much of my crafting supplies!
So first off, lets get started with the tutorial and then I will share with you the finished product.

Getting Started:
It is recommended to use Beacon 3 & 1 Glue. I, however, used Glossy Accents and it gave a good firm hold to my cabinet.
Locate the following hardboard pieces before putting together your art cabinet:
 One (1) large base piece measuring a scant 13” wide by 10.5” tall.
 Two (2) center pieces, each measuring 10” wide x 8.75” tall. C. One (1) center piece measuring 6.25” wide x 9” tall.
D. Two (2) end pieces (one for the left side and one for the right side) measuring 10” wide x 4” tall.
E. Four (4) cubbie shelves, each measuring 6.5” wide x (almost) 5” deep.
F. Four (4) side pieces, each measuring 3” wide x 4” tall.
G. Two (2) end pieces, each measuring 4” tall x 10” wide
H. Two (2) pieces, each measure 3” tall x 6.5” wide

Building the cabinet:
 Lay the base (piece A)  13” wide x 10.5” tall down in front of you. 
 Place the 3 center pieces (pieces B & C)  in place: two pieces measuring 10” wide x 8.75” tall + the 6.25” wide x 9” tall piece. Each piece connects easily to the other by matching the notches. Note that the smooth side of each piece faces upward.

 Add the 4 cubbie shelves (pieces E) to each side.
 Connect the 3 side pieces to each end (pieces D & G) 
 Add one side piece to each upper side (pieces H)

Add the top piece to this section to complete the cubbies on the top of the cabinet.

 The top of the cabinet:
You will now see that the top is open once you have built the sides. It will look like the photo below and give you two more spaces for storage.
 Your Cabinet should look like this

 Sides of the Cabinet:
Now that the center is assembled, we will move on to the long sides of the cabinet. You will find these pieces pictured below.
 Start by adding the short piece to the front of the cabinet, it will slot in easily and line up with the tabs.

 Next, add the long side piece, again it will fit in the tabs and slot easily, then add the other smaller piece to the opposite side.
 Your cabinet should now look like this.

The Drawers: 
Build four (4) drawers (if desired). Each drawer has 5 pieces:
 The large bottom rectangle measures 6” across x almost 5” deep.
 Two (2) pieces each measuring almost 5” wide x 2.5” tall (one for each side of the drawer)
 The back piece measuring 6” wide x 2.5” tall
 The front piece measures 6” wide x 2.5” tall and has a half circle cut out of the top as well as a small hole underneath the half circle in case you want to add a knob.
You may finish the drawers with paint, ink or paper.

Embellishing Your Cabinet
 Now for the fun part! Embellishing your Cabinet. I used Gesso all over the cabinet first, 2 coats, then decided on my paint color. I have used a Martha Stewart "Putty" color for my cabinet.
 I then chose my paper, to match in my craft room. I decided on the 75 cents collection by Kaisercraft. I measured the sides after the paint had dried and began to cut my paper to fit.
 I chose to paper the top of the cabinet, but you can decide to decorate yours anyway you like!
Here is the finished look! I added some laces, handles to the drawers, cameos and metal embellishments to decorate it.
 I added a few wood embellishments to the sides that matched with the paper.
 You can see below here, I have used one of Gina's new Number Plates and I added it to a metal butterfly that I embellished in some Shabby White Embossing Powder.
 And here you have the finished piece. This Art Cabinet holds tons of supplies, I couldn't believe how much I could put in here! This is another amazing storage solution Gina has created!
I hope you will get one of these Art Cabinets for yourself, you wont be sorry, they are super easy to put together and a great addition to any crafty space!

Gina's Designs Products used

Other items used
Martha Stewart Putty Paint
White Gesso
Glossy Accents
Stampendous Shabby White Embossing Powder
Metal Handles, Butterflies, Cameos and Filigree Pieces from Butterbeescraps
Lace from Lavish Laces
Wood Dressform, Key and Letter Tiles from WhichCraft

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