Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Memory Keeping Organizer with Dividers

I had so much fun putting together this great organization station for my Project Life goodies! I used lots of items from Gina's Designs so I will list them now:

This storage piece is a great size: 13x11.5 and 4 inches high. The final picture is listed first so that you can see the finished product:

As you can see, the back slot perfectly holds Pocket Letter Pages,
The middle slots hold 4x6 dividers and papers, and
The smaller slots hold 3x4 dividers, papers and embellishments

Here are the contents of the kit:

 Align everything without glue first to make sure the placement is right.
HINT: If it doesn't easily slide in place, flip it around or try the other identical piece.
Gina's Designs are made to fit together perfectly:-)

 Once you've figured out where the pieces are supposed to go,
glue the inner structure together first.

 Next, glue the side and back pieces, pressing firmly in place.
You're final result will look like this:
Now all you have to do is spray paint it and add some dividers:
Add fun embellishments:
And you're done!!!
Enjoy making this fun organizer
and personalize it with your favorite Gina's Designs Embellishments:-)


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