Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alligator layout by Marfa

Good morning, butterflies!  Marfa here.  Today I'm taking you to the jungle!  Well, at least in photos.  I want to show you a couple of photos of gators that I took in the Everglades.  Specifically in a section called Loop Road.  You see that gator on the top, the one that you can see the whole body (looked like 14 plus footer!).  I was taking photos of some birds when that sucker saw me and started swimming toward me.  I think that he thought to himself:  Ummmm....a nice lunch!  I was sitting in the car, but needless to say that when a gator marks you for a meal, I don't care if you're sitting in a bomb shelter, it is scary!  I panicked and yelled at my boyfriend to get the car going.  But what did he say?  You're in a car, he can't get to you.  Keep taking pictures!  Lucky for him that I don't mind risking my life for a good photo!

Anyway, the gorgeous paper that I used is by Robin's Nest and it is called Brown on Brown Glitter Animal Print.  It is stunning!  I have a lot of wildlife photos so this print is awesome for me.  The embellishments are all chipboard pieces by Gina's Designs. This time I painted them in colors that matched the photos, using just acrylic paint.  I LOVE how this page turned out!

Supplies Used:
Gina's Designs Chipboard Sets:  FeathersSpooky Shapes Set, Cat TailDragonfliesChicken wire.

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  1. I really love this Marfa. The way you colored the chippies, and thew way you embellished these photos, you really achieved a murky swamp feel.


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